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The recovery boom features an impressive fixed reach of 41-feet – a three-foot longer boom working radius than its closest competitor. This added range gives operators the ability to reach farther and handle jobs that were previously out of reach.

The three stage, independent, hydraulic, extendable boom features a lifting capacity of 100,000 lbs. @ 30-degrees when retracted, and 20,000 lbs when fully extended (using SAE J2512 boom lift ratings). The torsion box frame increases the RBM rating to an unmatched 12 million RBM at the turret, while minimizing twist and increasing tip load capacities. It also minimizes stress to the truck frame during recovery and material handling operations.

The low profile outrigger system includes a compact scissor-style design that minimizes the need for cribbing on uneven terrain and road crown, thereby saving time and increasing profits. The outrigger system also offers 26” inches of stroke and 14” of ground penetration allowing the operator to level the unit on a 6 degree incline.

The body features an abundance of storage space, with multiple tool compartments, pull out drawers and tool management systems.

The composite body – with a 15 year history – has a track record second to none, providing maintenance free and corrosion resistant components.

The unit is standard with a 35,000 lb. underlift and 124” reach with an option of 144” reach. There is also an upgrade option to the 53,000 lb. underlift with 141” reach or 56,500 lb. underlift with a 176” reach.

Standard main winches are 50K 2-speed with an option to scale down to 35K 2-speed. An optional 35K 2-speed deck winch is also offered.

All these features and all this muscle with a nimble and manageable weight of just 63,350 lbs. This unit definitely hits the mark.

Added Amsley, “Like all Jerr-Dan vehicles, the new Jerr-Dan 50-Ton Rotator was developed with help from towing professionals. They provided valuable insight and input to our engineering and product development team and, as you can clearly see, the proof is in the product.”




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