Cottrell EZ-5307

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Cottrell has combined many design and manufacturing qualities of our proven stinger equipment lines to create perhaps the most durable and reliable High 5th Wheel trailer the industry has ever seen. The Hi Pro EZ-5307 7 car hauler has over 9 years of on-the-road experience and is built to last. Primarily ordered with two new hydraulic options, the Belly Drop (X) and Front Tilt (L), the Cottrell 5307 is great for startup companies or as supplemental equipment for larger, established fleets. Check with your state D.O.T. to determine whether or not one of Cottrell's Hi-Pro Series trailers is right for your hauling needs.

Capacity Seven (7) Vehicles
Length 53 Feet
Width 102 Inches
Chassis Requirements N/A
Hydraulic Power Sources PTO and/or Self Contained 12 Volt Electric


Cottrell Standard Car Hauler Features
  • Two (2) Year Structural Warranty
  • Aluminum Track Sheets, Catwalks, Tandem Hose and Valve Covers
  • Cottrell's Patented Quick Release Ratchet System
  • Plated 5/16" Chain and Chain Hooks
  • Hendrickson INTRAAX axle / suspension combination with HLS hubs (5yr / 500k warranty)
  • WABCO 4S / 2M ABS System
  • Parker Hydraulic Hose and Fittings
  • Curtiss Wright 4-Port Aluminum Valves with Flow Dividers in Select Positions
  • L.E.D Lights
  • Factory Sealed Modular Wiring Harness
  • Rear Upper (2) Turn Signal and Marker Lights
  • Sandblast, Prime and Akzo Nobel Autocoat LV Top Coat (5 yr Limited Warranty)
  • Michelin Tires
Cottrell Standard Car Hauler Upgrades
  • Built with 19.5" Axle Assembly
  • Hendrickson Tire Inflation Systems
  • Alcoa Aluminum Wheel Upgrade
  • Parker 431 Rubber Dbl Wire or Parflex Thermoplastic Hose
  • 12 Volt Self Contained Hydraulic System Upgrade
  • Aluminum Flipper Upgrade (when applicable)
  • Additional Night Loading Lights
  • Pneumatic Lift Kit and Weight Gauges
  • Caution Signs and Strobe Lights
  • Extra Light Packages
  • Stainless Steel (Chrome) Packages
  • Cam - Lift Adjustable Belly "X" Option
  • Front Upper Lift and Slide Deck "L" Option



EZ-5307 XL
high Mount Chain
Quickloader 9 Car
High Side Stack
Low Side Stack
High Side Stack
Low Side Stack












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