Landoll 2424


Capacity: 24,000 lbs.
Conc. Deck Rating: 20,000 Lbs. In 10 Ft. area
Estimated Base Weight 6,000 Lbs.
Main Frame: I-Beam
Crossmembers: 4" Jr. I-Beams on 16"Centers 80,000# PSI
Side Rail: 8" Deep Formed Steel Side Rails
Jack: 12,000 Lb. Quick Lift Parking Jack
Tires: 235/80R 16 LRE
Wheels: Dual Disc Wheels - 8 Hole
Axles: 2-12,000 Lbs. Axles with Oil Seal Hubs
Suspension: Spring Suspension (3" wide)
Brakes: 12-1/4"x 5" Electric Brakes
Hitch: Heavy Duty Pintle Eye Hitch Adjustable 20" to 30" with Safety Chains
Headboard: 6" Headboard
Decking: 2" Nominal Fir
Loaded Deck Height: 35 Inches
Width 102" Wide
Length 24' Deck (19' Flat Deck + 5' Beavertail)
Beavertail: 5' Self Cleaning Beavertail
Ramps: 5' Self Cleaning Adjustable Spring Assisted Flip-over Ramps
Lights: Sealed Beam System with Sealed Wiring Harness D.O.T. Approved
Tie Downs: 10 Double Key Hole Chain Locks-Gotchas/Stake Pockets
Finish: High Quality Powder Paint
Color: Yellow
Decals: Red and White Conspicuity Decals

Specifications subject to change without notice.


Heavy Duty Crawler Ramps (Wood Filled)  
Third Ramp with Center Mounting Kit  

Full Air Brakes with Spring Parking Brakes  
Hydraulic Shoe Brakes in Lieu of Std.  
Electric Brake Control  
Vacuum/Hydraulic Brake Control  

Ball Hitch Not Available  
Tool and Block Box (in Pintle Hitch)  
Lockable Hinged Cover for Tool and Block Box (in Pintle Hitch)  
Gooseneck with Block Box with 2-5/16'' Ball Hitch in Lieu of Std. Part# 3-375-010610-01  
Gooseneck with Block Box with Jr. Fifth Wheel Hitch in lieu Std. Part# 122817  
Gooseneck with Block Box with King Pin Hitch in lieu of Std. Part# 123738  

Wood Covered Beavertail in Lieu of Std.  
Traction Bars for Wood Covered Beavertail  
Flush Mounted "D" Rings (each)  
Apitong Wood Decking including BT in lieu of Std.  
  - The BT wood will not cover the Bucket Trough
Bucket Trough Filler Covered Apitong Wood Covered  
  - To fully cover the BT you must choose Wood Covered Beavertail and the Bucket Trough Filler options
Bucket Trough Filler Self-Cleaning