Landoll 435


*Capacity 70,000 Lbs.
Deck Rating: 50,000 Lbs. In 10 Foot
Estimated Base Weight: 16,450 Lbs. (48)+/- 3%
Main Frame: Fabricated 80,000 & 100,000 PSI Yield, 40" Center, Four Beam Design
Crossmembers: Alternating 4" and 3" Junior I-Beam on 8" Centers
Slope Drop: 90 Degree
Parking Stands: Jost Two Speed
Tires: 10R 17.5 LRH Double Coin
Rims: 17.5x6.5 Tubleless
Wheels: Hub Pilot/Steel Outboard Brake Drums
Axles: 2-25,000 Lb. Dual Tire, Oil Bath Bearings
Suspension: Neway RLU228 Air Ride 22,500 Lb. Capacity
Brakes: 12.25x7.5 Full Air/Spring Brakes ABS, 4S2M
Oil Seal Hubs: Internal Mated Assembly
Hitch: 5th Wheel King Pin
Pin Setting: 21 Inches
Swing Clearance: 83.5 Inches
Loaded Ground Clearance: 14 Inches at bottom of Gooseneck
Loaded Deck Height: 38 Inches
Width: 102 Inches
Decking: 1-3/8" Apitong Hardwood
Air/Electrical: 7 Way Receptacle
Hydraulic Hook Up: Quick Couplers 2500 PSI/17 GPM
Lights: Grote "SuperNova" LED-10 year warranty
Wiring Harness: "Grote Ultra-Blue Seal"-7 year warranty
Finish: Steel Grit shot Blast to Bright Metal
Powder Coat Color: White/Black/Yellow/Blue/Red/Green
Tie Downs: Double Key Hole Chain Slots w / Square Stake Pockets on 24" Centers
Tool Box: Twin Upper Deck Mounted with Lockable Door (7"Hx34"Wx29"D)
Hydraulic Winch: Worm Gear 12,000 Lb. with Spring Tension & 85' of 1/2" Cable
Tilt Cylinders: 2-6"x30"
Undercarriage: 2-4"x126"-48'; 4"x126" & 4"x138"-50'; 4x138"-53', Centralized Grease System; Accepts After-Market Dock Level Hydraulics System; Powder Coated Black
Load Angle: 6.5 Degree
Accessories: Flat Approach Plate with Six Key Hole Tie Downs, Automatic Slack Adjusters, Main Deck Center Slope Roller,Very Soft Transition from Lower to Upper Deck
Hydraulic Valve Body: Prince Electronic

Specifications subject to change without notice.

*Indicates dimension may change due to options indicated.

48" High Mesh 102" Powder Coated Black  
Steel Bulkhead Wings  
Aluminum Bulkhead Wings  
Bolt-On Binder Storage Rack for 48" Bulkheads  
Spare Tire Carrier-48" Bulkhead, Rear Mounted  
Halogen Work Light-Dual (Mounted on Bulkhead)  
Spare Tire Carrier-48" Bulkhead, Front Mounted  

Heavy Duty Gooseneck  
  - (adds 24" to Length of Trailer)

Pin Drop in lieu of Std  
Hydraulic Parking Stands  

Flush Mounted "D" rings (Each)  
"D" Ring Bolt on at Winch (Each)(Two Locations Available)  
Flush Mounted Angled D-Ring (Each)  
Recessed Mounted "D" Rings (Each)(Not available with 6" center crossmember option)  
Ratchet Winch for 4" Nylon Strap-Weld On (no strap supplied) 1 Side Rub Rail Required  

All Winches Mounted on Upper Deck Only  
20,000 Lb. Winch Spring Tension in Lieu of standard 12K  
30,000 Lb. Winch DP Planetary with Spring Tension in Lieu of Standard 12K  
30,000 Lb Winch DP Planetary with Air Tension, Air Shift & Cable Guide (4-Way Rollers) in lieu of Standard 12K  
Delete Std. 12K Winch (no winch supplied) (Credit)  
Guard, Winch 12/20K (cannot be used in conjunction with Pivoting Cable Roller Guide)  
Pivoting Cable Roller Guide for Winch - 12K or 20K Only  
Pivoting Cable Roller Guide for Winch with Air Tension and Air Operated Winch Free Wheel  
Cable Guide (4-Way Rollers) for 12K,20K, or 30K Winches, (May not be used with pivoting Guide)  
Wireless Remote Control-Six Function with Prince valve body  

1/8" Steel Tread Plate in Lieu of Std. Wood  
Deck Strap 1 1/4"x9" (for Track Area)  
27" Aluminum Pull Out Side Extensions (Capacity Not to Exceed 50% of Trailer Capacity  
  - Frames will have 4in Sq Crossmembers on 16in centers w/3in Jr I-Beams between tubes
Frame with Tube Crossmembers to accept Pullouts (less pullouts)  
  - Frames will have 4in Sq Crossmembers on 16in centers w/3in Jr I-Beams between tubes
Rub/Chain Rail-Web Mounted (Price per Foot of Rail)  
Skid Plate for Container 3/8"x6"  
Toe Board 3/8"x2 1/2" on Lower Deck  
Extra Web Mounted LED Lights Lower Deck Only (Three per Side)  
Front Extension Ramps (In Track Area) (24"Lx31"W Flip-over, upper deck, 3000 Lb. Capacity Distributed)  
1/8" Steel Tread Plate Over Std. Wood  
Outriggers Swing Out (Less Planks) (Lower Deck Only) (Capacity Not to Exceed 50% of Trailer Capacity)(Steel)  
Under Coating, Petroleum based  
1/8" Steel Tread Plate Over Approach  
Upper Deck Slope Roller in lieu of Std Wear Plate  
Keyhole Tie Downs for Center Deck (Level with wood)  

Dock Level Hydraulic 1 Pair 62,000 Lb.  
  - - Dock Level Hydrualics Not Available with Low Profile Tires
Air Weigh Digital Scale System  
Air Dump Valve  

Air Shift PTO & Wet Kit for Tractor-Not Installed (30 Gallon Tank Required  
Installation of PTO and Wet Kit (NET)  
Hydraulic Quick Couplers 1 Male/Female (Matches STD Trailer Couplers) (Part#105902)  
Hydraulic Engine Package - Upper Deck w/Cover Kohler 27 HP Gas  

10R 17.5 Michelin Tires in Lieu of Std  
235/75R 17.5 Double Coin Tires in lieu of Std  
235/75R 17.5 Michelin Tires in Lieu of Std  
Spare Double Coin Tire & Hub Pilot Type Rim(10R 17.5)  
Spare Michelin Tire & Hub Pilot Type Rim (10R 17.5)  
Spare Double Coin Tire & Hub Pilot Type Rim (235/75R 17.5)  
Spare Michelin Tire & Hub Pilot type Rim (235/75R 17.5)  
17.5 Aluminum Wheel (8 Bolt Polished) in Lieu of Std. (Each)  
17.5 Aluminum Wheel (8 Bolt Machined) in Lieu of Std. (Each)  
Pressure Guard Air Inflation  
Crossfire Air Equalizers (Price Per Axle)  

Hot Dip Galvanizing (Trailer Frame is Totally Submerged)  
  - Adds minimum of 3 weeks to delivery
Paint over Galvanizing - Sides Only with STD Colors Only  
Paint over Galvanizing - Top Surface Only with STD Colors Only  
Special Paint: Contact Factory