Landoll 825

*Capacity: 55,000 Lbs.
Deck Rating: 50,000 Lbs. In 16 Foot
Estimated Base Weight: 16,400 Lbs. (48') 16,950 Lbs. (50')
Main Frame: Fabricated 10", 100,000 PSI Flange
Crossmembers: 5"x3" High Tensile Tubing on 18" Centers
Tires: 255/70R 22.5 LRH Double Coin
Rims: 22.5 X 8.25
Wheels: Hub Pilot/Steel Outboard Hubs
Axles: 2 - 25,000 Lb. Tandem Dual Tire, Oil Bath Bearings
Suspension: Neway Air Ride 25,000 Lb Capacity
Brakes: 16.5x7 Full Air/Spring Brakes Both Axles, ABS 4S2M, Automatic Slack Adjusters
Oil Seal Hubs: Internal Mated Assembly
Pin Setting: 15 Inches
Swing Clearance: 76 1/2 Inches
Loaded Ground Clearance: 7 Inches
Loaded Deck Height: 17 Inches
Width: 102 Inches
Decking: 1-1/2" Apitong,Full Width
Side Extension: 27" Aluminum Telescoping Extensions(Lower Deck)(cap-7000lb EACH ext)
Gooseneck: 10'7"
Electrical: 7 Way Receptacle
Air: Glad Hand
Hydraulic Hook Up: Quick Couplers 2500 PSI/17 GPM
Lights: Grote "SuperNova" LED-10 year warranty
Wiring Harness: Grote "Ultra-Blue Seal"-7 year warranty
Finish: Steel Grit Shot Blast to Bright Metal
Powder Coat Color: White/Black/Yellow/Blue/Red/Green
Tie Downs: Double Keyhole Chain Slots on 36" Centers, Nylon Strap Tiedowns - 8 per side, 2 - "D" Rings at base of Rear Trunnion flush mounted on top of Inner Beams, Side Mounted Strap/Chain Tie Downs
Tool Box: 6.5" H x 25" W x 25" D Street Side Gooseneck - 6.5"H x 39"Wx 25"D Curb Side Gooseneck
Cylinders: 2 - 6"x30" Horizontal Mount 70,000 Lb. Capacity Each, Centralized Grease System;
Hitch: Automatic Gooseneck Lock Engagement
*Capacity Ratings are frame capacities only. Actual load capacities may be restricted by factors such as gross axle weight ratings (GAWR) or state and federal regulations.

Specifications subject to change without notice.


Removable Aluminum Upper Deck #105190 - full width for 10' 7" Gooseneck (73"L X 102"W) 10,000 lb. Capacity  
  - Front and Rear Decks are Interchangeable
12,000 lb. Winch - Front Deck Mount (Available with Wet Kit only)  
20,000 lb. Winch- Front Deck Mount (Available with Wet Kit only)  
30,000 lb. DP Planetary Winch - Front Deck Mounted (Available with Wet Kit Only)  
Bolt On Chain and Binder Rack Between Lock Arms  
Gooseneck Mud Flaps  
Wireless Remote Control for Winch  

Flag and Banner Package (6 Flags & 2 Over Width Banners)  
Emergency Flashing Light Package (2 Magnetic Amber Rotating Emergency Lights)  
Four Corner Light Package  
Strobing Light Package in Bumper (multi-functional strobe/turn)  
Battery Back-up for Strobe Lights  

Delete 27" Telescoping Side Extensions - 30' Deck  
Delete 27" Aluminum Telescoping Side Extensions - 28' Deck  
Flush Mounted "Angled" D-Ring (each)  
D-Ring Bolt-On (4 Available Locations - Trunnion and/or Gooseneck Mounted) (Each)  
Extra Tie Downs (Weld-On)(Each)28' Deck (Five Extra Side Mounted D-Rings)  
  - -27' Deck( Four Extra Side Mounted D-Rings)
Recessed Mounted D-Rings  
*Removable Aluminum Rear Deck #105190 (73"L X 102"W) 10,000lb Capcaity  
  - Front and Rear Decks are interchangeable
Aluminum Ladder Ramp Assy 70" Long, (One pair, Part# 125836) "Lower deck to rear trunion" (For trailers built after 11-03) 9,000 lb capacity (4500 each)  
Front Pullout Filler  
Aluminum Header Rack  
Ramp for Loading of Low Ground Clearance Equipment (40,000# capacity)  
Keyhole Tie Downs for Center Deck (level with wood)  

Air Raise and Lower Valve  
Air Weigh Digital Air Scale System  

Air Shift PTO & Wet Kit for Tractor - Not Installed (30 Gallon)  
Installation of PTO and Wet Kit (Control)  
Hydraulic Quick Couplers 1 Male/1 Female (Matches Trailer) (P/N 105902)  
11 H.P.. Honda Engine Package with Cover/Front Extension Mount  

255/70R 22.5 Michelin Tires in lieu of Std. (per Axle)  
Spare 255 70R 22.5 Double Coin Tire & Hub Pilot Type Rim  
Spare 255 70R 22.5 Michelin Tire & Hub Pilot Type Rim  
22.5 Aluminum Wheel (10 Bolt Polished) in lieu of Standard (each)  
22.5 Aluminum Wheel (10 Bolt Machined) in lieu of Standard (Each)  
Crossfire Air Equalizers (Price per Axle)  
Pressure Guard Air Inflation