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Light Duty Aluminum Cougar HPL 6000 Wrecker Tow Trucks
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Aluminum Cougar HPL 6000

Our HPL-60 series standard duty independent wrecker is the perfect vehicle to tackle even some of the trickiest jobs. Engineered for strength and unmatched mobility, you can choose from either a modular aluminum or fully welded steel body. The underlift has 5,000 lb. capacity at L-arms and seven hydraulic functions. T-37 grids are also available. Recovery booms range from 8,000 – 24,000 lb. ratings with single and dual winch options available.




Aluminum, 60” CA
Steel 60” CA

Diamond Aluminum Polished
Diamond Steel Painted

Storage Body Tool Compartments
Driver's Side
Driver and Passenger Side

Wheel Lift - Lift Mechanism
5,000 lb. L-Arms
6,000 lb. Frame Forks

Wheel Lift - Cross Bar/Grid/L-Arms
Manual Grid/Fixed L-Arms; Ball Hitch
Manual Grid/Pivoting L-Arms; Ball Hitch

Recovery Equipment

  • Deck Mounted 8,000 lb. Worm Winch
  • 8,000 lb. Wrecker Boom with Single 8,000 lb. Worm Winch
  • 18,500 lb. Wrecker Boom with Single 8,000 lb. Worm Winch
  • 18,500 lb. Wrecker Boom with Dual 8,000 lb. Worm Winch
  • 24,000 lb. Wrecker Boom with Single 10,000 lb. Worm Winch
  • 24,000 lb. Wrecker Boom with Dual 10,000 lb. Worm Winch
  • 24,000 lb. Wrecker Boom with Dual 12,000 lb. Worm Winch


Winch Cable
3/8" Dia. X 40'
3/8" Dia. X 100'
7/16" Dia. X 100'
7/16" Dia. X 150'
1/2" Dia. X 200'

Pylon Steel
Headboard Steel
Headboard Aluminum

Light Bar
Amber LED (Code 3)
Amber LED (Whelen)

Hydraulic Deck Controls
Dual (Both Sides)

In-Cab Lighting Controls
Switch Panel

Mud Flaps

Winch Free Spool Control
Manual (Near Winch)


24" Aluminum Tunnel Tool Compartment
24" Steel Tunnel Tool Compartment
48" Aluminum Tunnel Tool Compartment

Recovery Options
Cable Tensioner
Remote Free-Spool

Tow Options
Tow Sling
Truck Hitch
Dollies Steel or Aluminum
Frame Fork Holders
Frame Forks
Spring Hanger Forks

Misc. Accessories
Lower Work Lights
Headboard Work Lights
Fold Down Light Bar
Tow Lights (Magnetic or Suction)
Jump Start Kits (Various Manufacturers)
Rubber Wheel Chocks
Scotch Blocks
Push Bumpers
Fire Extinguishers
Safety Triangles
Body Stone Guards (Front)
Back-Up Alarm
Chrome Bed Rails
Wheel Covers



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