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In 1976, Dieter Hohendorn recognized the need for custom accessories on highway tractors, and started designing/fabricating stainless steel accessory products for local owner/operators in a small shop located in rural Ontario Canada. It was at this time that “Dieter’s” was born. As the demand grew, “Dieter’s” moved to a larger facility in Waterloo Ontario. Soon, the truck manufacturers were looking to dress-up their models both in their after-market divisions, as well as their truck factories. By the late ‘90’s, Dieter’s was supplying all the truck OEM’s with their dress-up products. Panelite opened for business in 1984, and quickly became one of the largest truck accessory manufacturers in North America. They also supplied the truck OE’s with their after-market and production-line product, just as Dieter’s had been doing years before. Through a series of unfortunate events, Panelite became insolvent in 2010. Dieter’s purchased the Panelite stainless steel product brand and has brought the line back to the market, starting with the more popular accessories. Panelite by Dieter’s pledges to grow the line of accessories using the same high quality standards and materials. With several “Supplier of The Year” awards from OE manufacturers under its belt, Dieter’s has grown to over 60,000+ ft² of space located in Cambridge Ontario, with 85+ employees on our team. Dieter’s and Panelite by Dieter’s has become the largest heavy truck accessory supplier in North America.

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