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Self Contained Ratchet Strap


***BUY IN BULK & SAVE: CALL FOR PRICING ON CASES (2" Sold in Cases of 6, 3" Sold in Cases of 4)***
Save Time and Money!
The most important aspect of these straps is understanding that the wind-up handle was designed for two things only. It's designed to keep the excess webbing secure while in use and it's designed to wind up the webbing when you're done using the straps. No tension should be put on the wind-up handle. All ratchets must be ratcheted down tightly before putting handle into the locked position.

The Ratchet Depot's patented and revolutionary Self Contained Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps have quickly become the preferred method to transport any size load.
Use as much for as little strap needed while the rest of the webbing is secured and stored safely behind the ratchet. Simply put the strap over your load, ratchet it down nice and tight (the same as you would with any other ratchet strap), put the handle in the lock position and you're read to drive off.